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Dancing in the water, music, make-up, sequins, pretty swimsuits….synchronised swimming represents a whole universe of dreams and beauty in the eyes of little girls because it is primarily a sport of passion. The nahïadrange allows girls between the ages of 6 and 12 to wear and use products necessary for their sport whilst also displaying their sense of belonging to the synchro world.  The swimsuits are colourful with matching silicone swimming caps, the fashionable towels and t-shirts are very “girly” with graphics inspired by the synchro world and the accessories are fun and practical.

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  • Swimsuits

    Our youngest synchronised swimmers won’t be outdone with the nahïad collection of swimsuits for girls from 6 to 12 years old.  Originality, quality and comfort are their attractive features.  Designs specially created for the brand create a unique synchro style for the swimsuits; rows of flamingos, stars or rows of arms, showing their true colours! The use of polyester means they are resistant to chlorine and allows frequent use of the swimsuit.  It also provides good support on the body.  Swimming caps complete the swimmer’s outfit with matching themes or colours.

  • Caps

    No more run-of-the-mill swimming caps! To go with your lovely swimsuit from the nahïad collection (a synchro star or a blue matiti?) you need the matching swimming cap for a complete outfit!  The budding naiads will also find what they’re looking for in the range of swimming caps for girls.  These swimming caps are unique and have very synchro designs, strewn with figures, flamingos, the splits or pictograms evoking the sport; they are created just for synchronised swimmers!  They are fun and colourful; turquoise, pink, red, with a speckled effect or revealing catchphrases like “synchro addict” or “jolie nageuse” (pretty swimmer)….  The flexible silicone material enables you to put them on so easily it’s child’s play!  Maintaining them is very simple, you just rinse them in clean water and drip-dry them after each training session.

  • Towels

    The microfibre towels are entirely adapted to synchronised swimmers’ use because they are very compact, light, soft and extremely absorbent.  The nahïad range of towels do provide a little extra; the synchro touch!  Swimmers will appreciate drying themselves with a towel that evokes their beloved sport.  With pretty colour combinations, various themes, figures and basic positions, synchronised swimming is on daily display with these towels.  The synchro star towel, created for nahïad, is aimed especially at the youngest swimmers with its unique illustrations of synchronised swimmers and bold colours.  Microfibre dries very quickly and so allows for regular usage.  Choose microfibre!

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items